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Custom tap handles have the potential to affect the decision of drinkers

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Custom tap handles are designed with creativity and to reflect a particular brand. These are made of several materials such as metal, wood and polyurethane. These feature a lot of designs which varies from dragons, canoes, baseball bats. These are placed to affect the drinker’s decisions deliberately.

Unique handles are engaging. These take the center stage in any bar. Every single handle has its own story to tell. Most of the drinkers look at the design of the tap handles first. These designs draw the attention of the drinkers. In a study, that tracked the behavior of pub goers, it was noted that most of them were drawn the pump clips. This proved that in comparison to other pieces of marketing utilized by bars and pubs, custom tap handles proved out to be beneficial.

When people were served with unfamiliar brands of which they weren’t aware of anything including the quality, 95 % of the participants picked up pump clips that were colored brightly. People picked brands with bright colored pump clips over the brands that were best selling. The study revealed that drinkers are greatly influenced by appearance when it comes to brews that are unknown. Drinkers naturally gravitate over tap handles that are aesthetically appealing. This proves that pump clips and tap handles is an integral tool for selling and capturing new drinkers. This is a tool used by breweries to market their products.

Any brewery has its tap handles designed to pleased the drinkers and not for the convenience of the bar tender. Most of the bars engage in telling a short story pertaining to the tap handles which makes the drinker enthusiastic and helps in selling the beer. The taps symbolize the identity of the beer and must be designed carefully. Simplistic or wild designs can result in missing prospective drinkers.